EcoSMART® Testimonials

I'm multiple chemical sensitive, and I have a dog and a cat, so finding a safe bug spray is a challenge. I used to use a pest control service, and it was nice to be bug free however I would break out in rashes. So I found EcoSmart® Home Pest Control. I was warned this stuff has a strong smell but it's a natural herb mix sent, I'm ok with it. I've been using it for 6 months, it's not as long lasting as the bug service with the loaded chemicals so I have to spay more often however I have yet to break out in a rash. I feel my pet's are safer with this product then the bug service chemicals that were being used. I would recommend this product if your looking for a safe Home and pet friendly bug spray. ~Bill


This is a wonderful product if you have animals or small children. Firstly, it doesn't smell like "bug spray". Secondly, considering it's safe for animals, it does a really good job. ...It's helped keep our horrendous ant problem under control this year.  ~Aims


I had a heavy red carpenter ant invasion. I really hate supporting poison companies so I like this... I use this to keep them under control. I use this exclusively inside the house and it really works there. I live in Hawaii and insects are a challenge, but I have no ants in my kitchen. Even after I spray the perimeter of the house with real poison, I still had some ants in my kitchen but then I used this and now they're gone. ~Topher


We have kids and pets - and ants when I don't use this. Every spring I spray our foundation with EcoSmart®, and usually once more during the summer, and the ants disappear. This year I was a little late and saw a few ants in the house. Sprayed outside once and no more ants. Your house smells like the spray for the day and then it passes. ...I was very happy to find it on Amazon and at a good price. I love that it's effective. ~Mom


Many pests this year. Odor is strong some say, but Mosquitoes be gone.

I wanted to get the most natural yet effective bug killer I could find. It is not easy, but Ecosmart® is the best I've found. I mainly use it around my deck, so we can sit outside and enjoy the spring/summer evenings. ...It does seem to work for us, keeping the mosquitoes at bay. As others have pointed out, the smell is quite strong. It personally doesn't bother me... ~Kips Mowgli

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